Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is Hattitude?

What is “hattitude”? Hats with an attitude and the way we wear them; funky, sassy, conservative, demure, big, small, loud, colorful or all of the above rolled into one fabulous hat. Whether cocked to the side, straight forward, pulled back or pulled down over one eye, the way a hat is worn reflects the personality of the wearer. No two women necessarily wear the same hat the same way.

What is “hattitude”? That’s when a woman looks soooo good that she has a little extra spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye! It’s about style and grace, what we stand for – the many hats she wears day-to-day; the ones seen an unseen.
Even if you’re a person who doesn’t wear hats, . . . you DO wear some kind of hat everyday. If you are a single parent, for example, raising a child or children alone, you wear the hat of both mother and father. If you’re a humble person, you wear the hat of humility, so forth and so on. No matter who you are, we all wear many kinds of unseen hats every day. Hattitude is about our invincible spirit and spunkiness, our compassion and our loving kindness.

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